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In researching material for my previous blog post on journalist Joanne McCarthy’s role in bringing on the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse, I came across some interesting (in my opinion) videos.

The Walkleys, held every year in November, are usually pretty serious affairs. After all, these are the top awards for Australian journalists using a process of selecting winners identical to the Pulitzer Prize. In recent times there have been two unforgettable moments in these ceremonies.

Who could forget back in 2006 when News Corporation journalist Glenn Milne attacked Crikey founder Stephen Mayne? Milne, in a drunken rage, pushed Mayne off the stage at the Walkley Awards in Melbourne.

The other was the Joanne McCarthy 2013 Gold Walkley Acceptance Speech which brought the house down with Joanne’s quips.

Joanne has also participated in many other interviews and events. These give further insight into what makes Joanne McCarthy tick.

Australian Story: Before The Storm clip 1 (10:50)
A short segment from the Australian Story program broadcast on 25 Aug 2014.

Video Extra – How Joanne McCarthy dealt with pressure (5:18)
Includes extra footage not included in the Australian Story: Before the Storm program

Australian Story: Before The Storm (30:29)
Full program – Introduced by Caroline Jones – broadcast on 25 Aug 2014.


How to inspire a royal commission (1:24:25)
Swinburne Leadership Dialogues – panel discussion – recorded on 4 June 2015.

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